Renewal Form

NYPD ID CARD RENEWAL – September 27, 2022

For those members that reside locally, the ID card Section (646-610-5150) is now on 2 nd floor at IPP, opposite the Operations Unit.

They will only renew a retiree ID card that has less than 3 months before expiration date or already expired

Please do not go at the end of month due to numerous active MOS retiring and it is very crowded.

Using the above number, call beforehand to make sure there is no promotion on the day you are going because it can get crowded and active will have priority.

For those out of state members, please follow the instructions when mailing in ID cards. I have received ID cards mailed to me using regular first-class mail. The issue with this is that it is not tracked and, therefore, not guaranteed that I will receive it. The Priority Mail procedure provides a tracking number so that the ID card can be accounted for throughout the entire mailing process.

If your ID card is lost or stolen, you must make a police report with your local precinct or police department for lost or stolen property and a copy of the report must accompany the ID card application. The application will not be processed without a report.

The NYPD card section uses the photo that is in their system since November of 2002. If your ID card was issued prior to this period, you will have to appear at the ID Card Section in person to take a new photo. You cannot send in a passport photo or a jpeg file photo to update the picture.

ONLY cards issued after November 1, 2002, can be renewed this way. In all other circumstances, members will have to personally visit 1 P.P.

For pre-merger Transit and Housing Police retirees, the NYPD Transit Bureau still processes our ID cards in Brooklyn, N.Y. I received the below information from their ID Card Renewal Unit.

Renewal of Transit ID card that is expired or nearing expiration.

For the retirees that live out of state, they can email a copy of their driver’s license and ID card and in the body of the email they can put their name, address and a phone number where they can be reached. We run a background check to make sure no one is wanted (you’d be surprised).

Also, they need to attach a digital photo of themselves from the waist up in front of a neutral colored wall (please no hats or sunglasses).

We need a digital photo, NOT a photo of a photo, to put on a new ID card that we mail certified.

Please tell your members they can call the Personnel Unit at 1-718610-4660 and we will be more than happy to walk them thru the process.

Regarding HR218/LEOSA qualifications, if your ID card does not have an expiration date, it does qualify as a valid ID card under the provisions of the laws. Unless you want to get a current photo on your ID card, you are not required to do so in order to satisfy the qualification. Also remember that out-of-state, some police departments that do the qualifications will require a current ID card so make sure that you check your expiration dates.

A completed PD form MUST accompany the card. The form is on the accompanying page of this procedure, and can be downloaded from our website; National NYCPD10-13.org

Additionally, ID card expiration date will be increased from 5 to 8 years.

If your card has no expiration date, you do not need to have a new card issued. Your card is perpetually current. Keep it.



To insure security in the transfer of cards to and from our members the following procedure MUST be adhered to:

Items MUST be sent to the National in a USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail envelope. You will receive a tracking number from post office. DO NOT REQUEST SIGNATURE OF RECIPIENT. The postage is $7.75.

Place in the envelope: your PD ID card, the completed PD Form, and a check in the amount of $8.95 made out to National NYCPD 10-13 Org. (to cover the cost of priority mail return of your new card).

Address package to:

Larry Kelly

392 Colon Avenue

Staten Island N.Y. 10308

You can contact me at [email protected] (347) 582-6885.

Please allow for up to a 30 day turnaround time.

Please, do not deviate from the above instructions.

This National service is available only to dues paid National NYCPD 10-13 chapter members.